Of New Year’s and Puzzles

I hope everyone who celebrates had a most splendid Christmas! It was a lovely one here, and now it’s time to prepare for the New Year.

While New Year’s sometimes gets grief for all the well-intentioned resolutions, most of which are soon forgotten, it truly is a wonderful time to take stock.

A new year can give you a reset, if you need one, or remind you to move forward with plans you already have in the works but may have let slip.

If you’re the sort that is aided by resolutions, it is a marvelous time to make them—just don’t let yourself lose focus of those goals as the holidays give way to your normal daily routine.

Better yet, plan on making the New Year anything but ordinary!

Personally, I don’t have a list of resolutions per se, but I do have a list of things that I want to tidy up going into the New Year like my studio and blogs—ergo switching a couple blog names around to better focus the content.

As it’s no good to be all work and no play, I have also started a new puzzle. I absolutely adore puzzles and had been doing them underneath a board on one of my studio tables. It saved table space and worked fine unless I was in the middle of a project on that table…which is basically all the time.

So I finally brought in a table that had been out in the greenhouse, which is currently being remodelled, and now I have a dedicated puzzle table! It’s so fantastic to be able to just grab a seat for a second and put a few pieces together while walking by rather than having to move boards to get to the puzzle.

The current puzzle is called Juicy Fruit. It’s an adorable 1985 puzzle of…well, fruit, which I adore even more than puzzles.

Juicy Fruit was part of my thrift store puzzle haul, and this one doesn’t look as if it has ever been put together before—the box was still full of puzzle dust, and there were pieces still stuck together from the factory.

What a travesty for a puzzle to be sitting around for decades and never be assembled! But Juicy Fruit’s day has finally come and moving to the top of my New Year’s to-do list is making a lamp for my new puzzle table.


To save on space, the puzzle table is partially tucked under the lip of the bar, which works awesome, but blocks a lot of the light to the puzzle. For the moment, I’m illuminating the pieces with the gosh awful lampshade-less fake candlestick you see in the photo.

I have to admit I actually love those things (I snagged another one for a buck the other day—score!), but I prefer tucking them out of sight to light dark corners on shelves and certainly prefer them with lampshades when they’re not tucked away.

I’m currently reading a couple of vintage books on lamp designs (the bar is 100% classic ’70s, which I love). I am not sure yet what direction I want to go (palm tree or parrots…choices, choices), but it’s going to be fabulous and I hope your New Year’s celebration is as well!



Author: Amanda Ann Larson

I'm an editor, artist, writer, and farmer with a passion for the written word, nature, and the preservation of biodiversity. And dinosaurs, but who doesn't love them?

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