amanda_larson3Welcome! I am a writer, editor, artist and farmer born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I live with my family and menagerie of critters on our Whidbey Island farm.

I am passionate about biodiversity and focus on preserving heirloom vegetable and fruit varieties,species flowers, scented geraniums and other herbs.

I keep a wide variety of traditional chicken, duck and geese breeds, which frequently find their way into my art, and am currently writing a book on keeping pet chickens.

My educational background is in art and film, where I studied story and writing,and I am currently studying editing through UC Berkeley. I have volunteered with the Seattle Aquarium, King County’s Master Gardeners and Master Recycler Composter programs, and job shadowed zoologists at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park and the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium.

I love non-fiction in both written and documentary form, literary fiction, and the supernatural horror genre, especially when it incorporates traditional folklore. I have published shorts in horror, science fiction and literary anthologies, and am currently writing my first novel intended for publication, which takes place just across the water on the Olympic Peninsula.

Here I mostly post current happenings, my adorable critters, random thoughts and fun facts I stumble upon. I share art related to my books, but if you’re looking for my art blog, it’s over here at Dream Raven Designs.


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